Monday, May 18, 2009


...and finish something, darn it! Anything!

I'm the world's worst project finisher. Today, for example, I worked for a little while on a kumihimo sample for my Quick & Easy Kumihimo class proposal for 2010. Then I got bored. So I spent some time beading on a Hollywood Hula Hoop sample, since I got notification today that the 2mm Swarovski crystals I've been waiting for got shipped out - and now I will need the sample for the Bead & Button Show in a few weeks. But then I talked myself into actually having two color ways for the Hollywood Hula Hoop kit, which means I'll have to make another sample too. And then I got an email from the president of the Dallas Bead Society who's been patiently asking for a list of classes I could teach for them in August - so I switched gears and got that half done.

So now it's late in the day and while I've actually accomplished a great deal, I haven't finished anything. And while I got work done on several projects, I also managed to create several more for myself in the process (the Hula Hoop samples.) I'm spinning my wheels and it's so silly - I need to just FOCUS.

Which is why I'm thrilled to find out tonight that Google has now incorporated a task list in their Google Calendar program. I started using Google Calendar a few months ago, and I'm really happy so far with the functionality of it. But now I'm turning cartwheels that I can create lists galore and hold myself a little more accountible with due dates and everything. In times of great job stress like this, it's the only way I can hold my world together!!

It still doesn't do the work for me, however, so I'm off to finish the class options document for Denise so she doesn't come hunting me down from Dallas. And then I might work on my lists for a while. :)

***Update: I got the list sent to Denise!! Woo-hoo! And yes, I felt great joy at getting to mark the little check box on my task list.

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