Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finishing projects - that's the plan

I find myself still fighting the lack of deadlines. (No, Mom, this doesn't mean you can set arbitrary deadlines and I'll follow them...) So I'm working at a super sonic S L O W pace. But I do manage to get items crossed off the list daily.

The suitcases from the Denver trip have been unpacked and most of the laundry finished. Taking two large and heavy pieces of baggage there and back resulted in a cluster of big ol' honkin' bruises on my right leg. Since I've got a doctor's appt Tuesday (yes... THAT one) I'm already anticipating questions about how I got them in a casual, "is someone beating you" kind of way.

I'm slogging away on finishing up a myriad of projects that have to be finished before the end of the month. Some I plan on wearing for the annual fashion extravaganza that is the Bead & Button Show, and others are the samples I'll be proposing for the 2010 national bead show classes. It's rare I have the samples finished in time to show them off prior to mailing them out, but I'm trying to get better about it because getting the feedback of my customers and students really helps me see which the big winners are, and which might still need some tweaking.

I'm also in study-mode, learning a new illustrating program to improve my diagrams. I managed to work through 4 dry chapters in a book tonight, and did learn a few critical things I'll need to use. There's going to be a certain amount of skimming I'll be able to do with the book since it's a far more complex program than I actually need. It has bells and whistles on top of the whistles and bells! I only need a few of them.

I should be finishing off my not-random, random bracelet Tuesday. I'm stopping a few rows short tonight, and will have to add the antique button clasp as well. Mom and I did a quick shopping trip last weekend that resulted in me coming home with the perfect top to go with the bracelet. One Bead & Button Show outfit all picked out and ready to go....four more to go.

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