Friday, November 28, 2008


Woof! This is Winston, taking over the blog for the day because it's MY DAY! (wag, wag, wiggle) Today is one hooman year since I came to live with Mama June and Mama Jill and my step-sisters, Maggie, Piper, and Josie. It's great being the only man in the house - I show them all the time how manly I am and they kiss and cuddle and coo at me.

Okay, so maybe when they call me Winnie the Poo I'm not feeling so manly. Or worse, Winnie Poo Poo Head. I get Wookie, and Boo Boo Bear too. But eventually I'll train them that when they call me that, things get eated. Socks, beads, leave it, I'll eated it. Now THAT'S manly!

Actually, Mama Jill was noticing that I'm having a maturity shift the last few weeks - whatever! I've got her snowed! But I realized that if I calm down more, then the destruction, when it comes, is much funner because it's a surprise! Wheeee!

Anyway, Happy Adoptiversary to me! I sure luv my hoomans. And I think they finally luvs me too. I had to bat my long eyelashes at them. Works every time.

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