Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blink - I'm back on the road again

Four whole days at home, and poof! I'm off to Houston yet again. Not that I don't love Houston. I do. But three weekends in a row?

You guys will be so proud of me. We actually had the Element packed and ready to go by 8:30 tonight. So totally a record - Mom tried to spoil it by saying it's just because we were too lazy to unpack from last weekend's show - but that simply ain't true! I bought some new storage containers, most importantly for our lighting which has been hauled around while bundled in a blanket. It was a tragedy waiting to happen. Now I've dodged it.

Winston has become a world class escape artist in the last few weeks, and it's resulted in more than a few neighborhood comedic moments with me running in various states of undress down the street, ineffectively yelling his name over and over again. We've taken to sneaking out of the house via the garage to keep him from getting out. Not a good long term plan. I'm worried about my brother getting in and out this weekend while he's pet sitting. I guess Winny and I will be having a date with a trainer after all. Of course, I bought the training book and the training DVD and have I done anything with them at all? Well, I did start the book this week. Yes, I realize its the owners in this home that need the training. All Winston is doing is being really good at dog behavior.

Come see us at the show this weekend! It's at the HESS Club on Westheimer.

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