Friday, November 14, 2008

What Jill Didn't Tell You

From June:
First, let me totally agree with Jill's most recent post. Any flat surface? Covered in 24 hours. Even though I told her the table was lava. Covered. Unpacked suitcase from the Houston show before the last Houston show in the hallway. Unpacked suitcase from the last Houston show in the living room. Sob. It's about the only thing Jill and I clash on with living together, but I guess it could be worse. And I really do like living with Jill.

What Jill didn't tell you about our last Houston show was our Sunday morning episode. You have to know that I am typically a morning person. Even on weekends, I'm usually awake by 7 a.m. Occasionally I'll sleep until 8 or after, but not often. So the bead show opened at 11 on Sunday morning. We were both exhausted Saturday night, and went to bed about 9. (Yes, we are party animals.) Neither of us set an alarm, counting on my usual early morning wake-up.

The next morning I did wake up at one point. Vampira, of course, was snoring in her bed. The clock in our hotel room was broken, and the nearest cell phone to check the time was too far away. I was still sleepy, so I turned over and went back to sleep. The next time I woke up, I did break down and grab the cell phone. Looked at the time with a mixture of incredulousness (is that a word?) and panic. It was 10:20, and we were at least 20 minutes away from the show site, and were a shower and make-up away from being fit to be seen in public.

I woke up Vampira, and she reminded me that on Saturday, it had taken shoppers a while to get down to the lower level where we were, so I relaxed. We laughed about it as we were getting ready. I'd slept for over 13 hours! I don't think I've ever slept that long unless I was sick. Go figure.

We will not count on the June alarm clock in the future as it is obviously faulty!

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