Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Catching up

An amazing surprise arrived on our doorstep this afternoon - nope, not a puppy - but our desktop computer! Back home from its spa rejuvenation at HP Tech Support. As we suspected, it was wiped clean, so we're in the process of reinstalling all the programs and files and yada, yada. You're tired of hearing about our computer woes, aren't you? So are we! Hopefully we'll get a break for a while now.

We're home for only four days before leaving again on Friday for Houston for the last time this year. The Houston Bead Society Show is Fri, Sat, and Sunday. I've attended as a customer before, but I've never had a booth there for various reasons. I'm happy it all worked out this year, although I admit some trepidation about sales in this economy. The Quilt Show was down for virtually every vendor I spoke with - not too surprising, really. People were still buying, but with lists of needs instead of simply picking up anything that appealed to them. I get it, because that's the way I'm shopping these days too.

I'll have some WildFire at the show this weekend, but not a lot of it since I sold some at the Quilt Show too. I have another reorder on the way to me but I doubt it will arrive before Friday. I can take orders at the show and mail them at no charge, though.

I've got photos to share, and stories to tell, but I'm fading fast tonight. What's this? At only 12:20am? I'm losing my Vampira mojo!

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