Saturday, November 15, 2008

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

Fact: One of the suitcases in the living room is actually empty. Just hasn't made it to the garage yet.

Fact: Mom really never does sleep past 7am. So what was up with that whole 10:20am thing? She's trying to encroach on my Vampira territory!

Fact: I'm now reconsidering my decision to let her have the password to the blog!!


I spent the evening finishing up a Hula Hoop bracelet, embellished with my lovely little 2mm Swarovski crystals, and it's so fabulous I may just wear it to bed. I was smart enough to put all the crystals on the outside of the bangle where they show, and use only seed beads on the inside part that lays next to your wrist. More comfortable and less pricey that way.

What I should have been doing is cleaning up around the house in preparation for Saturday afternoon's class here. Not a lot is likely to be accomplished in the morning because Mom agreed to babysit Alexis here from 7:20am (AM??) until noon. A toddler and cleaning do not mix well, even with two adults here. We play "pass the baby" as we run out of things to amuse her and as we need to get things done.

I got two new tables ordered for our teaching studio today - unfortunately they won't arrive for 10 or so days, so the gang tomorrow will have to deal with my makeshift setup one more time. I'm basically creating a large, double-wide square in the center of the room that will have room for 8 to sit really comfortably, and in a pinch, we can fit in as many as 12 by separating the two tables.

Word is leaking out a little bit, so I want to go ahead and let everyone know that starting in Feb. 2009, I'm going to be taking a six month leave of absence from teaching at Nomadic Notions. With everything I'm juggling in 2009, I simply can't keep up the amount of teaching and class assisting I was doing there too. The last year I've spent an average of 12-15 evenings a month at the store, teaching. That's a LOT of teaching! And freeing up that time during Mom's knee surgeries, the busiest of my annual travel schedule, and when I need to be designing a bazillion projects will make me more sane. That's the plan anyway. Remind me of that later, when I'm going crazy, will ya'?

I'll still be teaching at most of the national shows, 1-2 classes a month here at my home, and I'll be doing some guest teaching gigs for various bead clubs and bead stores. So it's not like I'm going into hiding! I'm simply trying to reclaim a little bit of having a life.

If you're not already on the email list that receives the announcements for my home classes (in Pflugerville, Texas - a few miles north of Austin) and you'd like to be, just send me a note asking me to add you to the home classes email list. (

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