Thursday, November 13, 2008

One pile after another

Anyone who's spent any time with me knows what a Messy Bessy I can be. I'm one of those people who walks into a room, and within five minutes I have my stuff spread on every available surface. I'm not quite sure how it happens. There's a gremlin that follows me around and does it when my back is turned.

As a result, my coping strategy is piles. Can't find a space to put something? Take all the papers that are all over the desk and put them in a neat pile! There! Look at all that space. Repeat for six months and what have you got? Piles covering every available surface. Can't ignore it any longer. Must work on piles. Finding homes for filing items. Throwing out all the out of date stuff (oops!) Freaking out when finding important things in a pile that should have been taken care of a long time ago.

And boxes - how in the world do I have so many boxes in my life?? I do a lot of ordering via the internet and the boxes come several times a week. I should set up a box store. Reuse and repurpose all these myriad of boxes so I don't have to deal with them.

A WildFire shipment arrived today, so I'm restocked after the flurry of buying at the Houston Bead Society Show last weekend. Everyone adores this stuff.

The new 2mm Swarovski crystals are being shipped, and yet, I still haven't gotten the first batch up for sale on Etsy or the Tapestry Beads website. Sigh.

I'll be teaching two classes in Philadelphia at Bead Fest next year - Piazza Perline and Ring Around the Rosie. Excellent choices!

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