Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When Beads Misbehave

I sometimes tell my students that you've got to let the beads know who's in charge when you're working. And sometimes it's the beads. That's the little battle of wills that's been going on in my home the last two solid days! And so far, the beads have won. I've spent roughly 15 hours making this pile of fail. Anne specifically requested a photo of the detritus, so here you go.

I now understand why you see so few FLAT herringbone necklaces. Because they're almost impossible! But I know I can make it happen and I will. For the moment I might have to step away from the beads, though - or they might be flung with great force at the wall.

On the other hand, we have a success photo to share also! This lovely red bracelet is something Mom whipped out recently for herself. When the ladies at the Open House saw it, they all begged for it to be a kit, and the customer is always right! So the beads have been ordered and this will be in our 2009 lineup.

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