Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm the boss!

Everyone can breathe easy again - the big ol' honkin' pile of Failures is now a distant and picked apart memory. Today, I regained control of the beads - the herringbone necklace has been tamed and is totally gorgeous. I'm still gonna tweak a little on the embellishment, so it's not quite ready for an official unveiling yet, but the basic structure and lovely soft drape is there, and that's what was elluding me the last eleventy billion hours. Maybe I will actually be able to drift off to sleep now without chasing design problem remedies in my head for a few days.

So much to organize and prepare for and get put in place before the regularly scheduled chaos erupts again after the new year, but I'm realizing that it's probably not ALL going to be accomplished within that time frame. Picking what the most important pieces are and working towards them will have to be the revised goal.

Mom managed to dance with the devil long enough to cut some hair from around Winston's eyes tonight - what a difference! I'll try to catch him in a photo tomorrow. In the meantime, Maggie's been sporting this lovely sweater during our redonkoulsly cold weather. I think I'll finally spring her from it for a few days....but then we're back to highs of 45 by early next week again. So confusing.

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