Friday, December 19, 2008

This, and that, and the other thing

So much to cover tonight! Hold on - it's gonna be a long blog! We'll start with a pretty picture... These cases hold 4 hours of my life. My Size 15 seed bead drawer was out of control. OUT OF CONTROL! I couldn't find anything - couldn't close the drawer - didn't know what I had. So the Tapestry Beads Reorganization Expert (ahem, me) came to the rescue. She repackaged them all in flip top containers, made sure they were properly labeled, and then stowed them nicely in these 8 containers. So lovely. So organized. But what? I only have 127 colors of Size 15s?? Oh no! Must. Buy. More!

Now for the true confession. This is why I don't let people into my studio. This is one tiny corner of the chaos. And I wonder why I can't find things? There's probably more Size 15s buried on that table! So this afternoon, flush with my success at taming the Size 15s problem on Thursday, I marched into the studio with high hopes, garbage bags, and determination. What? You thought I was going to declare it's all better? Get real! Do you see how much stuff is there? But I did make some significant progress and there will be more made over the weekend. I'm retiring a bunch of kits from the current lineup, and working on moving in the supplies for the new 2009 kits. If I don't organize now, it will never happen. Never.

A few really cool opportunities have been brought to my attention recently, and I'm dying to share them with you guys -

First up - I'm just too excited to find out that the phenomenal Gail Crosman Moore is coming to Central Texas (New Braunfels) to teach an Intro to Borosilicate Beadmaking class, as well as her cool Felt as a Sculptural Vehicle class. Gail is a delightful woman with creativity that just oozes out her pores. I own a number of her Boro beads, and I'll probably own a few more after her Texas trip. Sigh!

You can find more details at: , but the quick download is this:

Intro to Borosilicate Beadmaking
Saturday, January 10, 2009
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

A great selection of Northstar clear & colored rod (approximately a pound) is included in your class fee and will be yours to take home after class. Torch, tools, all supplies and a delicious lunch is also included.
$225 per student

Felt as a Sculptural Vehicle
Sunday, January 11, 2009
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

$195 per student Your class fee includes your felting kit and a delicious lunch!

Honestly, this post is getting so long it's crazy. So more opportunities to be posted tomorrow!

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