Friday, December 26, 2008

Photos from our Christmas

Alexis, running for the tree when we finally let her loose. All the presents were for her. Mom and I exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve, and the rest of us agreed to forgo gifts this year. Rich & Becky got an amazing full kitchen renovation instead.

She was a determined kiddo - taking this new gift to Daddy for assembly. And she made it!

The rest of us enjoyed watching her flit from toy to toy. It was a complete overload for her. Becky is enjoying her non-alcoholic Mimosa here. In other words: orange juice. I'm sure Baby Boy Wiseman loved it.

I was busy taking photos with Rich's crazy professional camera. Talk about not having a clue.

After presents, naps for all, and dinner, we worked in their new kitchen to make Christmas cookies. Here's Mom, Alexis, and Becky making the frosting. Please note Alexis and Becky's matching aprons!

This is actually the first cookie Alexis has ever eaten. She liked it. She's a Wiseman, afterall.

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