Friday, December 12, 2008

Isn't Christmas over already?

I confessed to Mom today that more than once this week, I've found myself confused in a store because all the Christmas merchandise wasn't on clearance. After all, MY big party is over - and that was the big Holiday event happening around the Wiseman household, so the same is true for everyone else, right? Oh - wait! Nope! Christmas is still two weeks away! What's even funnier (or more scary, depending on your view) is that I discovered Mom's been having the same problem. Peas in a pod - that's Mom and me!

I've been so very bad this week and haven't even picked up beading a single time. Instead I drug out an old cross-stitch project I five years ago! And I've been having fun doing that instead in the evenings. I taught one class Wednesday night, and babysat for Alexis on Thursday night and will again Friday night. It's all so strangely normal. ish. Oh! And reading! I've been reading too! I remember those days when reading was my primary activity. Mom used to joke that the explosion of bookstores opening in Austin around 1995 was due to the fact they knew I was graduating from college at that time and would finally be able to read for pleasure again. I did my best for quite a while to keep them all gainfully in business. Until the arrival of beads in my life in 2001.

So I'll get to play regular person for a few more days, but then necessity will make me get back to 2009 preparations. The beads won't order themselves. The kits won't get delivered to me by Santa's Elves. The instructions won't be left on my doorstep with milk and cookies.

But it sure is nice to visit Normal at least once a year. I'm even going to have plans with two different friends next week! If they still remember me...

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