Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Day

I haven't left the house in days, and I love it. I think Mom's starting to get worried that my butt might grow into the sofa or the desk chair. Alas, I'll have to venture out on Wednesday - to the Post Office, the bead store, and I think I'll treat myself to a Chinese food lunch which I'm craving mightily.

I'd planned a vacation to visit the mighty Anne Mitchell in Tucson over the holiday, but my fear of not having enough days to get done all that needs to get done in the month of January made me balk. Happily I won't have to wait much longer to visit Tucson & Anne anyway - the infamous Tucson Gem Shows are only a smidge over a month away.

Mom & I are turning over about half the kits for 2009 - that's a lot of new stuff! And we're finalizing samples, ordering beads, and writing instructions. I also have to restock the kits we're keeping, and do some juggling of resources to find places to organize it all.

I also sent out an email to the Home Classes email list about classes which will be held in Jan, Feb., and March. I give them first shot at signing up - and then if I still have any slots available by Friday, I'll post the info here on the blog. If you want to be added to the Home Classes email list, just shoot me and email at and tell me so. I've already started doing two sessions in one day to try to accommodate folks - I've got room for 8 per class, so by doing two classes in a day I can fit in 16. Even then, I'm pretty sure we're going to be filling both sessions most of the time. I appreciate ya'll so much!

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