Sunday, September 21, 2008

Days are flying by

Looking at the calendar is increasingly confusing. I could swear we're barely half way through the year, and yet Christmas is only 3 months away. Yup, that's right. 3 months. Crazy talk!! I'm winding down on 2008 projects and winding up on preparing for 2009 ones. I still have quite a bit of teaching to do in Oct, but then less so in the Nov, Dec, Jan time frame. Just two more shows - both in Houston.

Mom and I need to have a meeting here pretty soon so we can figure out what our 2009 kit lineup will be. Getting the kits ready earlier this coming year is a new priority for me. Mainly that will mean making larger quantities when I'm stocking up on them so it will carry me through more than one or two shows at a time. Given how fast the turnaround is going to be between most shows next year I'm not going to have the restocking luxury I've been accustomed to thus far.

I also plan on completely revamping my booth display for 2009. Mom and I will be brainstorming on that soon as well so we can work out the kinks before rolling it out in Tucson in Feb.

We're working on some minor picking up and getting ready for the home class invasion Sunday afternoon. When you have 11 extra bodies in your house, you KNOW it! It was a lot of fun last time, and I know this coming class will be equally high-energy and full of carousers. I encourage that in my students! Off to price some seed beads, and get the tables set up....

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