Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Product Review - WildFire

I received a sample from Beadalon today of their new beading thread product, WildFire. It's their competitive version of Fireline, but instead of being plucked from the fishing department, this thread was produced specifically for the bead weaving market.

At first I was skeptical that it was necessary or would be much different from Fireline. So what's the point? But I admit right here and right now, so far, I'm really loving it. You want to know why, right? Well, let me tell you...

  • It doesn't have the smoky coating on the thread, so no more messy hands. When you use as much Fireline as I do on a daily basis, you walk around with that coating literally ground into your skin. I'd rather not be mistaken for an auto mechanic...
  • It's more supple than Fireline - kind of a middle ground between the softness of Nymo, and the stiffer feel of Fireline. The WildFire is a lovely weight to work with, and I have yet to tangle it in a few hours of working with it. None of the kinks wrapping around your working thread that I always get with Fireline.
  • Even though WildFire feels softer, it still retains the non-stretch and water proofing qualities that are important to me.
  • I tested it against Fireline in how much effort it takes to get a crystal to saw through it, and the difference was indistinguishable.
  • The 50 yard spool is the same type of packaging as Beadalon - which means it comes with that clear plastic half-circle to cup around your spool to keep it unraveling. My Fireline spool is endlessly becoming unraveled and tangled when I travel with it. I haven't seen the 125 yard spool packaging yet to see if it also has the same packaging.
It comes in black (a true black), a mossy green, and crystal. I'm waiting for the wholesale pricing, but the retail pricing I've been able to find online is identical to the Fireline.

I'll keep playing with it, but I honestly think WildFire is going to be a winner and ultimately replace Fireline for me.

I've got plans to start selling some carefully selected beading items on the website and in my Etsy store soon - and WildFire will be joining them. Look for a big Grand Opening announcement in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

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  1. Hi. I also received a sample of this new product and have had the same experiences as you have mentioned. I loved how supple the thread is compared to Fireline - and no icky residue on my hands. I haven't found retail pricing (yet), but I'm sure this will quickly become my thread-of-choice. Take care.