Thursday, September 25, 2008

Preview of Parisian Lights

Oo la la...what is it we have here? Perhaps a little preview of my latest project, Parisian Lights, which will be taught at Nomadic Notions in Austin. Probably in November and again in January - I haven't set all the dates for my classes there next quarter quite yet.

Mom managed to name this project while brainstorming before falling asleep tonight. She hit it on the head pretty quickly - and I'm sure she was happy so she could stop thinking about it and fall asleep!

Winston zigged tonight while I was zagging, and his teeth collided with the back of my right hand, and now I've got a painful welt that promises to be a pretty bruise tomorrow. In the meantime, it's just enough to make me quit beading tonight. The hand motions keep aggrevating it.

And tomorrow it looks like I'll have to take Maggie to the vet's office. She attempted a small jump up on the sofa to sit by me this afternoon, and came up limping instead. She was in a lot of pain afterward, so I fed her a baby asprin in a piece of chicken and that made a big difference for her. We'll have to assess her again in the morning.

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