Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Worker bee

Today's beading efforts produced part of a Ring Around the Rosie bracelet in bright, happy colors. I did the first circle in our class last night and everyone gave the bold color combo a thumbs up. My mother, however, said "It's so ugly. And yet you keep working away." Everyone's a critic! I just laughed - we all know that everyone has different tastes. I think she'll like it better in the light of day though. The lamp light in our living room makes the chartreuse look sallow which throws the whole thing off. I can't get the colors quite right in this photo either. Sigh. Digital editing only goes so far.

What I need to do is break down and borrow my brother's light tent set up so I can take proper photos instead of trying to cheat all the time and scan them on my flatbed scanner. Perhaps I can make that happen this weekend sometime.

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