Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So close, but yet so far

I'll admit it straight up. I didn't paint on Saturday like I planned. And I didn't do much of anything on Sunday but laze around and read and watch TV. But some days you need the break, right?

Monday I bounced out of bead at the crack of 11am and got down to business right away. I gathered my painting stuff from the garage, stirred that 2 month old paint up, and went to town. I only have two paint blotches on my sandals (easily removed) and one in Winston's fur. He looks lovely with his lavender highlight! It's his own fault, really, because I was down on the floor working along the baseboard, but he insisted on making me play with him too. I was pretty successful until he decided to back into the painted wall.

Anyway, the paint is going to need a second coat and I'm waiting until Tues morning to do that since that room gets better light in the morning. And then I need Mom to go up one rung higher on the ladder than I can make myself go to get the ceiling line painted.

I spent the afternoon putting together the bookshelf that will go on that wall. Ikea directions are always challenging, and this proved no exception. I had it mostly done when Mom got home from work, and she helped me with the bit of manhandling that needed to be done to finish the job. So for the moment it's sitting, homeless, in our kitchen dining area.

Now mind you - this is ONE wall in my room. And my room has four walls. I figure at this pace, I should be finished by March 2009. And I have an Ikea dresser in the garage that needs putting together. But first? It needs to be painted, naturally.

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