Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poor little Winston

Mr. Winston had a day at the beauty shop yesterday (groomer) and came back looking particularly fine and more cool. All that hair makes a boy overheated in Texas, don'tcha know. If you've been reading the blog since the beginning, you know that the first time we took Winnie to the groomer, it was quite an event. He didn't cooperate very well, and we got charged extra because it took them so much time to get him done. I think he's been getting better, though, because the haircuts are looking more even and pretty over time.

On the other hand, he clearly doesn't like the trips too much. This morning, after Mom left for work, he came and jumped in bed with me for morning face licks, like usual - but instead of getting bored after a few minutes and jumping back out of bed, he curled up on the pillow next to me, and we slept the next few hours forehead to forehead. Awww! I'd shift, and so would he. Must. Be. Touching.

The hurricane is shifting and it looks for now as though Austin will still feel effects, but not nearly as badly as they were worried about yesterday. As we all know, yet more can and will change in the next 48 hours.

7 years ago today, I was making my 45 mile commute into work, listening to NPR on the radio, when they reported a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I imagined in my mind a small, turbo prop type of plane. What else could it be? But then I kept driving with increasing horror as the details started coming over the radio waves in my car. I got to NI and went directly to the cafeteria where over 100 employees were sitting, watching the televisions there. A few minutes after arriving, the second tower collapsed. I turned to my neighbor, crying, and said, "I wonder how many firefighters we just saw die." I had no idea just how high those numbers would be, and not just the firefighters, of course.

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