Monday, January 12, 2009

Another sneek peek

Ladies, I present to you, another peek at one of the new kits we'll be debuting shortly: Ramblin' Roses. Gorgeous, isn't it? Mom's been doing a great job all of a sudden, cranking out new things that have been percolating in her mind over the last year. I love collaborating with her on new designs! Two Wisemans are better than just one.

As for me, I'm a last minute goober, as usual. I have one or two of my bead supply packages arriving tomorrow, and the last (and biggest) doesn't get here until Thursday. So I'm doing what prep work I can before they show up. Labeling baggies, getting organized. I'll start printing patterns tomorrow too.

It's also that time of year for my annual round of doctor visits. My eye doctor and I had a visit today, and tomorrow is my more general check up. I think I'll book a massage this week too as a reward. I have this running dilemma with my massage therapists, though. I find someone I like, and then over time they start getting chatty. UGH! I'm good with "Hi, how are you..." for like the first couple of minutes. But then I want to zen out and NOT talk and just enjoy the massage. I've actually stopped going to more than one therapist in the past before because they simply don't get the hint. And I find it so hard to be direct about this for some reason. My current plan is to explain that I won't be chatty this time because I need to concentrate on relaxing. And then just say that every time until we're all clear on my expectations. Silence. Sweet, simple silence.

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