Friday, January 16, 2009

Texas Bead Retreat, here I come

Ah, best laid plans. I had scheduled myself to leave the house today at 10am for the quick, 1 hour drive up to Temple, but then the alarm went off, and I'd only gone to bed at 6am, and I was so comfy, and zzzzzzzzzzzz....

So here it is, almost 3pm, and I'm finally out the door. I feel so good about the things I got accomplished, though. I re-organized our patterns file with new file folders (all shiny, new, and a single color!), and because I'm space challenged at the retreat, I attached tags to each sample to give the name of the project, the kit and the pattern costs. I like the way it looks. Thanks to Anne for letting me rip off her idea.

All the kits are full and complete - no last minute, oh, when I get there I need to buy xyz from Jane's and put it in Yadda Yadda kit. Nope. They're READY! Simple things like this make me happy.

Without further babbling, I'd better get out the door. Those ladies will be calling me soon asking where the heck I'm at! Beady friends all weekend. Life is good. I'll try to post from the retreat at night. Enjoy your weekend!

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