Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I have been one upped

Peggy tells me that I am not sufficiently blinged out until I have these and I think she's right. I'm jealous!

I have been off and on with being focused and working the last few days. One day I'll get absolutely nothing accomplished, and the next I'm a whirling dervish. I need more of those productive days! So last night I actually went to bed at a reasonable hour, and got up at 7:45am. As soon as I stop wasting time surfing the internet, I'll get to work on kit assembly again. I've got another big seed bead order to place, and I need to make sure I've got everything I can on it. I'm sure I'll forget a few things - but a few things at the last minute I can handle. It's EVERYTHING at the last minute I can't deal with!

Who's going to the Santa Fe Bead Fest in March? I'm really looking forward to it - I've never been to Santa Fe before, and I hear simply wonderful things about it. I still have seats available in my Ring Around the Rosie class too - we're going to make earrings or bracelets or necklaces or all three!

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