Friday, January 2, 2009

A few photos for fun

First, let me show you how super duper tricked out I am in my car these days! I mentioned a few months ago on the blog that I'd gotten my very own personalized license plates - BEADS, of course! Well, one of my Christmas gifts this year was a Swarovski studded license plate holder!! OMG. I'm so geeky cool. I be rolling. Ya'll be hatin'. I know.

Next, as promised, the photos of the three colorways for Parisian Lights. The first one is one of my favorite combos ever - I did it with Illumination, and had to copy it again in Parisian Lights because it's just so classic. I give you - Bronze and Blue.

Second, a Victorian-inspired soft rose look. Pink, without being screaming. A classy, understated, yet attention grabbing pink.

Lastly, a bold green. This one isn't photographing at all true to the 4mm bicone color - it's a double AB coated one, and it winks and flashes like crazy at you. Plus it's got more of a pink undertone than a yellow one, but I can't seem to manipulate the colors in Paint Shop Pro to bring it out. So I think folks will be amazed when they see it in person because it's so much better than the photo. And the photo is darned good.

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