Saturday, January 24, 2009

Glamorous day

I did not get out of my jammies all day today. I did not leave the house except to pick up a UPS package on the front step, and spend five minutes in the back yard, enjoying the 80 degrees out there with the dogs. What did I do instead?

Well, I spooled WildFire and Fireline for kits, mostly. A LOT of it. Like 1,380 yards of WildFire. I can't even remember how much Fireline at this point. 10 hours of doing nothing but winding thread onto bobbins in 20 yard increments and catching up on TIVO shows. What's sadder is that I'm not even finished! But I did run out of material until my HUGE restock shipment comes in, so Saturday I'm off to other tasks.

I'm teaching my second-to-last class for a while at Nomadic Notions Saturday afternoon - it's Parisian Lights, which has been such a hit, it's quite astonishing. I took like 75 kits with me to the bead retreat last weekend in Temple, and even though there were only 100 folks there, I came home without a single one left!! I'm working on making an equal quantity for the Tucson show, just in case. And if they don't sell quite as quickly there hopefully I'll have some for the San Antonio show two weeks later, and/or the Santa Fe show two more weeks after that. A lot less time for me to restock between shows this year, so I'm trying to make larger quantities at the outset to hold me over for a few shows. It's always a guessing game/balancing act that sometimes I hit dead on, and other times I miss entirely.

Anyway, after I'm done with class, Mom and I are headed over to my brother & sister-in-law's house for dinner with them and the Munchkin. It will probably be the last time I get to see her until I get back from Tucson in four weeks. It's hard to go that long without seeing her at this age because they change so rapidly at this age. She's 19 months old now.

I also desperately need to update the website with new kits and new teaching dates. And I have an illustration project that has a Monday deadline. I guess that year-end holiday stuff is over for really real now!

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