Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tip: Don't be late to a bead retreat

So a lady walks into a bead retreat....okay, it was a little later than she thought she'd be wasn't really her fault...okay, really it was. But she had good intentions. And she was THERE after all. And she sees some of her very best beady friends and is so happy and starts giving hugs and catching up. And then something catches her eye. Her friend, not named Jill, is wearing a Jill Wiseman name tag. Ha ha. Very funny. Giggle. Wait...what is this?? Here's another friend, not named Jill, wearing a Jill Wiseman name tag. And slowly but surely, the lady realizes most of the ROOM is wearing Jill Wiseman name tags! This is what happens when you're late to a bead retreat. Be warned.

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