Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday, it's Office Depot who's my friend

So close...SO CLOSE...

But on the home stretch of printing, we've run out of toner - we literally down to 60 more patterns to print. Yet now it's going to cost $300 in ink to get that accomplished. ARGH!

On the other hand, please note that I do not leave Austin until Sunday. And we'll be finishing on Saturday. Do you realize how big of a deal that is??? And I'll have every single kit ready to go. None of this "I need to run by XYZ vendor and quick buy ABC supply to put in the LMO kit" stuff. Not for me, not this time. I even have a larger number of each type of kit made up, so I shouldn't be running out of anything. I'm very conscious of the fact that I will have a San Antonio show just 2.5 weeks after returning from Tucson, and then the Santa Fe Bead Fest show is another 2.5 weeks after that. Not a lot of time between gigs this year so being prepared up front is essential.

With all of my "extra" time tomorrow, I think I'll do something wild and crazy like laundry. Clean clothes might be good, hmm? Even that is something I can work around this year, though, since my little home away from home in Tucson has a washer and dryer too. The luxury! A trip to the grocery store for snacks is essential too. When I get sleepy while driving, the first line of attack is listening to books on CD. The second line is eating. And finally, I just pull over at a rest stop and nap for 30 min. in the car which refreshes me and off I go again, just like the Energizer Bunny.

Maybe I won't NEED to sleep on the road if I actually get some normal people sleep before I leave. I think I'll try it!

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