Sunday, February 1, 2009

And she's off......

From June:
Jill just left on the drive to Tucson. I know she had planned to leave earlier, but realistically, we both knew that wouldn't happen. Of course, the hour we spent searching for one of the samples this morning didn't help.

The big difference is that we were relaxed and relatively organized. Such a change from our usual frantic pace. I wonder what we forgot.

I got short-changed for my birthday yesterday, but then since I had the audacity to be born the week before the Tucson shows, what should I expect? Jill sang a rousing version of Happy Birthday for me, Rich was working and called from the fire station, and Becky brought Alexis over for a surprise visit. That was the best present. It seems like it would be impossible for that child to get any cuter, but she seems to be doing just that.

Anyway, Jill promises me a birthday dinner the weekend after we get back from Tucson, and I am going to hold her to it. My first knee replacement is scheduled for February 17th, and I won't be going out to dinner for a little while.

Jill has the laptop with her, so I'm sure she will be posting along the way......

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