Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mom to run marathon this weekend

Seriously. This woman is amazing! All the nurses are pleased at how well Mom is doing today - she breezed through her physical therapy sessions, and still has almost no pain at all. They had her on Percocet today, though, and she was very sleepy most of the day. The morning was one person after another coming into the room for this reason or sleep for The Mama! But by afternoon things calmed down, I came home for a few hours, and Mom got some restful dozing done. I went back for an hour or so in the evening, but she was having trouble keeping her eyes open so I made it a quick visit.

Tomorrow I'm going to have to work out the arrangements for her physical therapy visits once she comes home. We'd been getting conflicting info on who needed to do what (doctor's office vs. us) and finally got that sorted out today. We anticipate she'll be coming home on Friday afternoon.

There's a lot I should be doing tonight...working on beading projects, getting some paperwork dealt with, laundry, dishes, and on and on. I can't seem to get moving, though.

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