Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Settling in to a routine

From June:
It's good to be home, although the nurses at North Austin Medical Center were fantastic. I actually felt better in the hospital than I do now. But I'm doing very well - I can shower and dress by myself, and get around okay with the walker. The knee has started to hurt more, and is swelling a lot, so I find myself sitting around with ice packs on my knee. And, I'm still sleeping a lot. But all in all, not such a bad experience. Yet. Today I have my first physical therapy appointment, and I'm dreading it.

Jill has been taking good care of me. She even cooked a 3-course dinner, and no boiling water was involved. We both sleep with our cell phones next to us, so if I need her at night, I call her. Don't laugh - it works. Her bedroom is on the opposite side of the house as mine, and she can't hear me if I yell for her.

I'm using the down time to work on a tapestry that I designed for Jill a while ago, based very loosely on River of Life Amulet by Bobbie Wilson (http://www.bead-patterns.com/shop/shop.php?method=itemnumber&keywords=8666). I've added two types of trees and several one-word affirmations. I'll post a picture as I get enough done to give you an idea of what it'll look like.

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