Saturday, February 21, 2009

And....she's home...

We made it! There was a small village involved in the process, but Mom is safe and sound and asleep in her very own bed with her very own puppies and kitties. Big sigh of relief!

She came home with an array of equipment that would make an engineer proud, and a rainbow of drugs to ingest. Today was kind of disorganized as we were winging it - Saturday's goal is to get some sort of routine down that organizes her medication times, her time on the continuous motion contraption they sent home to flex her knee, and her physical therapy (both in-home daily by ourselves, and 3 times a week at the Rehab facility.) She'll have the walker for about 2 weeks and then graduate from there. But no driving for six weeks. AGH!

I'm working in time to prepare for next weekend's San Antonio Bead Market show around my nursing/cooking/chauffeuring duties. The kits are pretty under control already, but I need to get some additional patterns printed up. I'm also going to be tubing a bunch of seed beads to sell there, and I'll have the 2mm Swarovski crystals as well. And the website DESPERATELY needs to be updated. So those are the goals of the week. We'll see.

While I think having Mom home will be easier for me than going to the hospital twice a day, it's still a whole bunch of small interruptions throughout the day. Who's more important than The Mama, though? Not even the lure and love of the beads comes before Mom!

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