Monday, February 9, 2009

Where, oh where to start

This has been quite the week - ups, downs, drama, laughter, broken things, happy reunions. It's like a soap opera - As Tucson Turns.

So first of all, the drive here was uneventful and actually pretty pleasant. In years past I've always started out in such a sleep deficit that I have had trouble keeping awake along the way. My newly acquired organization skills made for the smoothest show prep yet, and allowed me to take off into the wilds of West Texas well rested. Much more enjoyable that way. If not enjoyable, at least tolerable.

My first night here I had a quick dinner with Anne Mitchell, Gail Crosman Moore, and the bubbly and fabulous Bria. It was a quick dinner because Anne & Gail (but mostly Anne) were falling asleep while standing. Anne had just finished her 4th straight day of teaching, and if I'd been a nicer person, I would have just told her I'd see her the next day. But nope! I needed my Anne and Gail and Bria fix something fierce, so I simply texted Anne while I was on the road that I'd be there at 5:30, and that was that!

Tuesday was a bit of a luxury for me - all I had to accomplish was setting up the booth at the show, and I wasn't even allowed in to start until 2pm. I'd originally scheduled this extra day into my arrival because invariably, I'm desperately missing something to finish off the kits and have to run and shop at a show or two here to fill in the pieces and parts. But this year - none of that! Instead I dutifully hung out at my rented guest cottage and finished the last sample for the table until it was time for set up. I was afraid to go to any of the shows and start shopping before I actually MADE some money first.

Tuesday night Anne, Gail, Bria, and I reconvened at an amazingly delicious restaurant downtown called Cafe Poco Cosa. We also had the company of Cris and Paul for one night before they were scheduled to fly back home the next day. I only met Cris and Paul once before at the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee last June, but we all bonded so fast on that trip and I feel as though we've been friends forever, so I was happy for the time with them, but sad it was like ships passing in the night. I'll get to spend some quality time with Cris at the Santa Fe Bead Fest show next month, though.

Wednesday morning was the start of the show. Mom flew in that morning, so she didn't arrive at the booth until just after noon. The first day of the show always brings crowds, most of them either the buyers from bead stores around the country and the staff members from the beading publications. I was able to talk with a number of different editors - I'm wanting to do a bunch more submitting of projects to a few magazines this year, so now I have a better grasp of what they're specifically looking for to round out 2009 issues. It was a busy and active day, and at the end of it Mom and I came back to the Guest Cottage and collapsed!

I'll report more tomorrow...for now I'd better get to bed as Mom and I plan to do a little show shopping before I have to take her to the airport. I'll be staying here until Wednesday, and then spend two days driving home.

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