Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Mom's surgery this morning went like a breeze. Not only was she a trooper, but they were able to save her kneecap which was an unexpected bonus. It will make her recovery that much better. She came out of surgery less dopey than we expected - dang! I had to stay awake and talk! But I spent the afternoon at home, napping, after having basically no sleep the night before. I think I had more anxiety than she did!

Now I'm back to the hospital to spend some more time with her, and to take her the medications we forgot here at home. The dogs are stationed at the windows, waiting for her to come home from work. Sniff. Kinda sad! They'll have to settle for me tonight. I promised Mom that I'd sleep in her bed while she's away since that's where ALL 4 of the dogs and cats sleep at night. Now this should be interesting - especially since Piper's recently taken to sleeping on Mom's head. She and I will be having a talk abut that...

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