Saturday, February 14, 2009

After the shows

I can't decide whether to be happy to be home, or sad that I have to wait a whole year for the frantic fun and insanity of the Tucson Gem Shows to come around again. There's a little of both rolling around in me right now.

I got home around 11:30pm Thursday night, and crazy doggie antics ensued for quite a while after. 12 days is a long time to be gone! We spent all of Friday hanging out together in various states of repose. Nothing too work-like today other than handling a booth mix-up at an upcoming show, and catching up on mail. Quite blissful and relaxing.

Let's see...I left you guys last after the first day of the show. On Thursday, we're always prepared for the longest day ever. It's the day that one of the biggest shows in Tucson opens (the Holidome) and everyone flocks there to try to grab the cool stuff before it sells out. Which means every other show in town is slower than slow. Mom let me take advantage of the day to run off and get a massage mid-afternoon because my back was hurting so much. What a difference it made! Mom rocks.

Friday picked up a little, and it was also the day my friend, Stacey, from California flew in. We met her over at the Whole Bead Show in the evening, and then Stacey, Anne, Gail, and I had a fabulous dinner once the Whole Bead Show finished for the evening. I'm still dreaming about the risotto. Let me tell you - if you're ever in Tucson and need a place to eat, call Anne Mitchell. The woman knows food.

By Saturday, Mom and I were getting pretty weary. I had a couple of great conversations with various publishing and supplier folks, which is part of what Tucson is all about - the deal making! I have to admit it was my most "down" day, though. By Saturday it was clear we were not going to make anywhere close to the sales we'd made the year prior. Overall, we were down probably 35-40%. I haven't done the final numbers yet. I also discovered that while parked in the vendor parking lot, our car's front windshield had been broken somehow. We've got a 15 in. crack across it. And I also tripped over the credit card machine's charging cord, destroying the cord. Not a big deal, except they want $75 for a replacement. AGH! So Saturday night I went back to the guest house and pouted.

But Sunday was the final day, and I was back in better spirits. We managed to slog through the final day in the cold and rain (the rest of the week had been lovely) and then pack everything up and call it quits. I headed out for a dinner at Anne's house with Gail Crosman Moore, Stacey, Andrea Guarino & her fabulous hubby, Whit, Jeff Pines, and Bria and Anne. We had SUCH a blast, and it was a lovely way to officially end the week for me.

Monday, Mom and I got to head around town to do a small amount of shopping for the kits, then, as she reported, I took her to the airport, and went back to the guest house to pack and collapse. Tuesday I spent the day hanging with Anne at her place, and camped on her sofa for one more night because how could I leave?? But finally, home called, and I started driving East around noon on Wednesday.

I must admit, I find myself enjoying Tucson and even the drive out there more and more each year. I'm not naturally partial to the landscape of the desert Southwest, but there is something about it that grows on you...

This weekend will be spent making last minute preparations for Mom's surgery on Tuesday. We're both getting a little nervous as it comes up, but we know it will be great. We describe the surgery as, "saw, saw, glue, glue, staple, staple, medicate." Which is pretty much how it goes! Kathryn has been sweet enough to offer her company at the hospital while I hang out there with Mom. I dunno - our cackling would probably keep her awake!

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  1. Hi Jill, I had a nice talk with your Mom at the Bead Show. She took the time to talk to me and answer questions about the business. I am designing beaded projects and wanted some insight. I was unable to buy one of your kits because finances were very bleak, however, I now have work. I will be ordering shortly. By the way, your stuff is really nice.

    I am glad you like the desert Southwest. I have lived here most of my life, and my brother wants me to move near him -- in Wisconsin. The only upside is that if it is cold outside, I can be inside -- beading.