Wednesday, October 8, 2008

All shipped out

A rather large pile of packages got mailed out for all corners of the US today. I love the Automated Postal Kiosk at the Post longer do I have to wait in lines to work with a clerk. And honestly, I can wiz through those screens faster than they do.

I do miss the days when I was able to print my postage out on my computer via, and then simply leave the packages for my wonderful postal carrier to pick up. Now that we're in suburbia, we have a community mail box across the street from us. There's a slot to drop of envelopes to mail out, but you can't leave packages. Bummer. Ah, well. It gets me in clothed and out of the house on a regular basis - Mom keeps working on me to get my time in the sun to absorb Vitamin D. I dunno. Do Vampiras need Vitamin D? I'm pretty sure that's a benefit of being the undead.

I had a miserable night last night, trying to design something that looks awesome in my head, but horrible in practice. I finally realized that trying to force yourself to design when the mojo isn't happening is not very smrt. It wastes time and causes frustration. It's not like I don't have a gazillion other things to do, so I just need to concentrate on getting those items accomplished until the mojo comes back from vacation.

Mom is going back to work tomorrow, but it's sure going to be a rough day for her - she's got very little energy back. Her coughing is not as bad, though, and her head isn't pounding quite as much. A bunch of folks have mentioned knowing people who have the flu already. Evidentally, flu season is starting early this year, so don't delay in getting your flu shot. So far, so good with me avoiding her germs. I do have a weird, gravely voice the last few days, but it's just from allergies.

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