Friday, October 3, 2008

Missing the fall

Sigh. It's this time of year that I most miss living in Wisconsin. I was born there, and lived mostly in La Crosse until I was 14 and the family moved to Texas. Fall leaves turning colors in the most radiant and spectacular display. On the down side? Raking the falling leaves. On the up side? Jumping into the big leaf piles over and over again!

It's sweater weather already in that part of the country - highs of 60 degrees and lows down to 40. I'll be lucky to wear a sweater before Thanksgiving in Austin! Needless to say, I don't have the lovely collection of comfy, cozy, sink deep into them, sweaters I used to have. I usually try to keep one on hand to wear during our usual ONE true cold spell a winter down here.

I purchased some amazing beads at Nomadic Notions the other day that I simply had to have - they remind me so much of the fall tree colors that I long for. My sister-in-law saw them and adored them too and I briefly thought about making a necklace for her birthday with them. But maybe I'll use something else. I think these beads NEED to be mine.

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