Saturday, October 18, 2008

My car makes this noise...

You know how you take your car to the mechanic because it's been making this crazy noise for weeks now, and the moment you turn the car on to let the mechanic listen to it, the noise is gone? Turns out that computer fall into the same category of instant fool makers.

I finally get the computer taken to a local repair place so they can recover our data before we send it off to HP to get fixed under warranty, and daggumit if it doesn't boot up like a charm when he tried it. The "gotcha" part, though, is that after dutifully dragging it back home, it certainly boots up, but the keyboard connection doesn't work. So we can accomplish any function with the mouse, but none that require a keyboard. Mom has figured out that we can use our USB data drives (we have several) to copy and move our files from the desktop to the new laptop sans keystrokes, and once the transfer is over, the computer gets shipped off to HP anyway. But it did save us $90.

The WildFire in large spools in black is back in stock - Mr. UPS delivered it late today. I was hoping the crystals would arrive today too, but not yet. Please, Mr. Postman!

Susan K. is my mortal enemy as of today. Sorry, Susan, but what you did is evil, evil, evil. Susan was the one who suggested the Kumihimo class that's scheduled for January 10 (4 spots still available) and now I'm totally obsessed with this braiding! It's so addictive and meditatative in that same kind of seed bead weaving way. While running errands today I stopped to buy some more fibers to play with, and I have around eleventy million designs floating about in my head to work on.

After doing quite a bit of internet searching on what kind of Kumihimo folks are working on out there, there seems to be a huge amount of furry, fluffy, wacky necklace making going on, but less of the more restrained and detailed ropes that are what my aesthetic is drawn to. I like furry too, but how many furry necklaces does one need? And my practicality immediately thinks - I live in Texas - I don't need to wear the equivilent of a scarf around my neck in summer. So you'll see me working on more streamlined pieces that incorporate big beads as well as some seed bead weaving components. I can't wait until I have some photos of pieces to share.

By the way, there are 3 spots left in my Nov. 15th Celebration Collar class here at my home studio. Class is from 1pm-4pm, and runs just $30. Email me to reserve your spot.

Meanwhile, if you have any asperations of making it into my new Nomadic Notions class, Parisian Lights, the first session in Nov. is full but there's a waiting list if you'd like to be put on it in case there are cancellations, and as of this afternoon, there were 2 spots left in the January session, so work quickly. You can call Nomadic Notions at 512-454-0001 to sign up.

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