Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Better than I thought

Do you know how happy I was tonight to open up my Curly-Q kit supplies drawer, and discover 10 kits, already made up - simply missing the Fireline that goes in them? Which I'd already spooled off the other night? It was like finding a $20 bill in your coat pocket that you'd forgotten was there! It saved me a couple of hours of work, and has fast-forwarded my Houston Quilt Show preparations.

Mom helped a ton tonight too - I'm so lucky to have her! So overall, I find I'm in much better shape with the kits than I'd worried the other night. Even in my slow-motion, cold-hampered way, I'm going to get it all together after all. And what I don't have, I don't have. Can't worry too much about it. There's always next time!

It's 5am, and yes, I should be sleeping. But my stuffy nose kept me from getting comfy in bed, so I decided to get up and take some meds and then surf the net while I wait for them to take effect. I'll be going to dreamland about the time the sun comes up. Vampira lives.

I'm researching restaurants near our Houston hotel for later this week. The show goes until 7pm each night, so by the time we get out of there we want idiot proof decisions to make. In the past we've been at a hotel where there were zero food options on our way from the convention center there, and as a result we often simply skipped dinner. But I smartened up this year. THIS year we're staying in the Galleria area. Talk about dining establishments everywhere! One night will be Mexican, one night Chinese....maybe two nights Chinese....

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