Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Drum roll please....

We're having a boy! Okay, not ME. And not Mom. But Becky is! A nephew to torment my niece, just the way my little brother tormented me. But that's okay - I can give Alexis tips on how to deal with this intruder into her perfect world. Been there, done that! Seriously, though, I couldn't be more pleased for our family and can't wait to meet the little guy in April.

Until then, the main man in my life is obviously Winston. I created a monster one day not so long ago. He loves to take one of his favorite stuffed animals (which we cleverly call "bear") for walks around the house each night. He doesn't want you to play tug with it, nor fetch. Nope, it's just him and Bear, enjoying a little quality time. Enter Jill. She decides to mess with him one night, and proceeds to slow-chase him around the house. Up the hall, around the dining room table, back down the hall, and around the living room furniture. Up and down we go, rarely at more than a trot for him and a lope for me.

But what I'd envisioned as a one-time game has morphed into nightly ritual! Winston grabs Bear, comes up to me, and stares. Long and soulfully. Should I resist him, he comes closer. Still immune to his adorable charm? No problem - he gently places Bear on my feet to explain to the clearly dense human what he wants. I haven't been able to resist yet. We'll wear a path in the carpet, one slow cantor at a time, but he's got me well trained, so anything less is unthinkable.

I'm off to do some Christmas gift shopping via Internet tonight. If I don't get started soon, I'll get trapped into having to actually visit a mall. Or worse, do it after Thanksgiving. Shudder.

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