Friday, October 3, 2008


This weekend will prove to be a challenge - teaching four classes in three days in two cities that are 170 miles apart! Tonight is Austin, Sat and Sun morning is Ft. Worth, and Sun. night is Austin again.

Gail L. emailed me to tell me she loves reading my blog because it makes her feel good to know that someone else's life is crazier than hers. I dunno - I know how crazy people with kids can get. Mine is certainly a different kind of crazy. I did offer to throw in a free Winston with her WildFire purchase, but she only wanted the cats. Lightweight! The cats are EASY. Winston is HARD. But so adorable and sweet and funny that you can't kill him. Survival of the fittest works again.

Speaking of WildFire, it's due to arrive on Tuesday. I've got half the first order of 125 yard spools reserved for those who emailed me, and I plan on letting the Ft. Worth ladies into the pre-order frenzy too. So if you know you want any 125 yard spools, be sure and email me soon. ( I still have plenty of the 50 yard spools.

Mom will work this weekend on getting a webpage up for the WildFire. Um, Mom - did I tell you that? :-)

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