Monday, October 20, 2008

Lovely weekend

What a sweet, low-key-but-fun kind of weekend this turned out to be here at Casa Wiseman. The cooling of the weather makes the dogs extra frisky and mornings find Winston and Maggie racing breakneck through the house, chasing each other. We call it "Thunder Paws" time, named for the distinctive thudding noise as they hit the carpet. Noooo...I wasn't trying to sleep. But who could wake up cranky when you've got these two to make you giggle?

Saturday's lunch with Alexis was perfect. I'll share a few photos as soon as I can figure out how to capture them off Shutterfly. She's such a doll. Totally irresistible!

Sunday was spent working on reclaiming computer files and backing them up in the morning (okay, I slept - Mom backed them up - I confess!) and this afternoon and evening I plugged away at loading needles (tucking two needles in a small piece of blanket that's been cut out, putting them in plastic baggies, and labeling the baggies,) and counting pearls for the new pink version of our Taupe Pearl Treasure bracelet. I'm heading off to bed before I get to the glamourous job of spooling off Fireline onto small cards for the kits. I'm going to be SO glad when I finish up all the Fireline I've got stocked up and switch over to WildFire. You should see my hands after I've finished a session of repackaging the Fireline - I look like I've rubbed charcol all over my skin. Ick!!

I got to spend a good hour or more on the phone with Anne, catching up. We often talk via instant messenger daily, but with my crazy work schedule combined with all the computer problems, it's been very hit or miss. Mostly miss. I'm going to go visit her in Tucson over New Year's and I'm really looking forward to it. I can't remember the last time I traveled for me, not for a show. Seriously. I can't remember.

And I also got to play some more with Kumihimo. I'm hoping to finish one of my projects Monday so I can wear it to assist Laura's class at the store Monday night. And then, of course, I'll share a photo here as well!

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