Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hot diggety, the computer works

Oh, how sweet the promise of a new computer is. No weird slow downs or pop ups. No "I don't know why I'm getting this error message" moments. A fresh slate. A blank palette. At this moment in time, it's a relief beyond words.

On the other hand, I also spent a significant part of the day just installing all the various software programs necessary for a day in the life of Tapestry Beads. I just located the last CD to install and took the initiative to throw out the old version's CD. I just knew we couldn't actually be using a 10 year old program, and indeed, the version we're using is only 7 years old! I know, a lifetime in software development - but we're only using it for some bare bones type of work. I just looked over the latest and greatest version's marketing materials and decided we didn't need to upgrade. It would be kind of like using a forklift to lift a feather.

Tomorrow's tasks include trying to get all the necessary files on the new laptop from a variety of sources, and updating the website with the new class dates at Nomadic Notions as well as the home classes.

This weekend was full of a fun group of students, including a micro-class Monday night that actually allowed me to sit down and goof off with them and simply talk with them as my friends. I love it when that happens. I love teaching too - but sometimes it's nice to be regular old Jill, sitting around the table and beading like the rest of the gang. One more class Tuesday night, and then I get a break from my five nights in a row teaching run. I usually don't schedule myself more than two nights in a row - I'm not sure how I managed to get five in a row on the calendar. A goof up for sure! My first one ever.

Kathryn emailed me tonight to tell me, "I am using WildFire for the first time tonight and have gone one inch and will sell my old Fireline to the highest bidder!!!!" I think she likes WildFire. Just a hunch on my part.

The new batch of 125 yard spools in black are due to arrive here on Friday and I'll post them on Etsy then, in case you got shut out of the first round of orders. I do have plenty of the 50 yard spools in black, though.

Big Day for me on Tuesday. After 4 years or more of wearing my hair long, it's getting chopped shortish. I've been going back and forth on whether to do it - you know how it is. You love it. You hate it. You have to get it off your face, your neck, out of the sink. But your friends love it and say don't cut it. But you need a change. After going round and round in my mind (it's a big sinkbowl in there) I finally decided to go for it. My hair grows alarmingly fast, so if I hate the result, it will only take 6 months or so to undo.

Naturally, a photo will follow. In the meantime, I found this photo of Mom & me at 2007's Bead & Button show. At first I was thinking it was taken at this year's show, but then I realized from the kits on display, it had to be the prior year! Plus we have higher profile lights now that aren't in the way so much.

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