Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eventually it works out

Sometimes it takes me a while to get it right. Remember how I was so happy and excited that I was flying to Bead & Button this year? Well, part of me was happy and excited, but it was also causing chaos and confusion in my head. The logistics of it - worrying that I was going to forget to ship something - knowing I wasn't going to have the most efficient set up at the show, which is so busy and important. It all came to a head yesterday as I was packing up my boxes to ship and I finally stopped and sat on the floor for a while, thinking. And then I called Mom and told her I was thinking about driving after all. We talked it through and yup! I'm driving again! It was as though a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders as soon as the decision was made, which means to me it was the right one. And I know I'll enjoy the road trip. I haven't had one since early February which is unusual, so I'm ripe for time with my XM radio, CDs, and naps at rest areas.

And then another wrong was righted with the world yet again when Kathryn decided last night to come up to Milwaukee too! WOO HOO! She just couldn't stand to not be a part of things, and she loves it so much. She went for the first time two years ago (and then broke her hip shortly afterward - thank goodness not before!) and last year she was in a funk because she didn't attend. I've been working on her, and Laura, another student from Nomadic Notions is going this year and Laura offered to share her room with Kath, so that was taken care of. Kath will travel with my mother when she flies up, so she's got a traveling companion. And I'm going to let her sit in my classes - heck - she'll be like having an assistant teacher there! We need to keep our eyes on her to make sure she doesn't overdo. Both energy and spending. Hee hee!! But it makes my heart glad to know that she's going to be doing something that brings her so much joy. It will make my trip all the better.

So I just finished unpacking the stuff I got packed yesterday and now it's time to repack it in the car travel mode. I get a quick visit with my niece this morning since it will be almost three weeks before I get to see her again and you KNOW how fast they change at this age. She's good and feisty, the way a Wiseman should be.

I have all the instructions written for the new kits I'm taking to the shows, but there's a few tweaks that need to be made specific to the kits (as opposed to the classes) and that will happen this afternoon and tonight. Friday, Kelly is coming over to meet the dogs and cats - she's going to take care of our critters this weekend. And Friday night, Mom and I are off to Houston as soon as she gets home from work. And then the fun really begins!!!

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  1. Kathryn had better behave herself while I'm traveling with her, because I don't do bail!