Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here, there, and everywhere

I've been feeling a bit like a ping pong ball today, running here and there to accomplish various errands. No linear path for me...nooo....that would be too sensible! But on the other hand, I still managed to get my ticket taken care of a whole 50 min. before the deadline. I think this is the first time my car has been 100% legal in a year or so due to various calamities, the biggest being the catalytic converter I had to replace in Dec. to get it to pass inspection. An $1800 inspection. Nice, eh?

Now I'm running off to Nomadic Notions to teach class. Lydia Johns has dropped by the lampwork fish for our special Fish Lariat kit that we'll be debuting in Houston this weekend. She was busy birthin' those fishie babies all day yesterday! I keep thinking I should come up with a better name than Fish Lariat, although the bluntness of it does kind of amuse me. I figure I have to resist the urge to call it Nemo so Disney doesn't come after me. Got any suggestions??

1 comment:

  1. You could name the fish "Larry" and call it Larry Lariat. Hahahaha.