Thursday, May 15, 2008

My favorite guy - Mr. UPS

Ah, as I sit and type, I'm listening to the dogs going nuts, barking greetings to Mr. UPS. He's my hero time and time again. He visits my house as often as I do. Often he's bringing me beady goodness. Sometimes he's bringing clothing (I think that's today's package). But I'm always happy to see him. I'd much rather have things delivered to me than go out and shop - I'm not sure when that change happened! I guess it's the ease of ordering online, coupled with my focus on the biz. I just don't have the patience for running around town, looking for the stuff I need or want. Seven years ago I was still innocent in the time-stealing ways of beads.

One of my classes recently was laughing at me because I had finally admitted here on the blog that I've come to terms with the fact that I'll never again "catch up" on my life. But really, there was a time not so long ago in my life when I DID used to catch up! Of course, it was pre-beads. But there ya' go. I had time to sit and read endless books (I'm a voracious reader...when I was a receptionist at a slow architectural firm, I would read a book a DAY sitting there), I used to get bored! Bounce off the walls because I couldn't figure out anything to do. I'll never know those days again, but that's okay. My world today is a better place.

Last night's Foxy Mama class was a blast - the gang was in fine form, teasing and goofing off. I was a little surprised by the speed with which they managed to make their bases. Most of them left having completed the base already - which is great! No homework for them this week. And I know after I've taught this class two or three times here in Austin, all the regulars (and most experienced beaders) will have cycled through and then the newbies won't be quite as fast.

Today is the deadline for submitting class proposals for Bead Expo Santa Fe (in March, 2009) and I've already sent a pathetic email to the coordinator asking if the deadline means 5pm today, or REALLY means before they get into the office tomorrow morning. I am most pleased to find out the later is the case. MOST pleased.

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