Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The way of the wookie

Winston. I swear - that dog is smarter than I am.

He's still getting used to the whole "Jill traveling" thing and he's decided to show his feelings about it on two fronts. First, when I'm awake he attaches himself to me at all times. Awww! Melt. As a matter of fact, while I write this he's asleep at my feet. That wonderful belly exposed for the whole world because I feel safe and vulnerable kind of sleep. BUT...when Jilly goes to sleep, the beast awakes.

That's when he shows just how disappointed in me he is by destroying whatever he can get his little fang teeth into. A book bit the dust earlier today, and a short while later I was woken by the unmistakable sound of him chewing on something hard and plastic. Groan. So I drag myself out of bed and he's found a spool of Fireline. He's gnawed half the plastic away, but it appears no actual fishing line has been ingested (thank goodness.) I can't even remember what the other thing that he got his paws on was, but finally I figured out where all his goodies were coming from.

My suitcase, yet to be unpacked (duh - I'm Jill - procrastinator extraordinaire) is on the floor in the office. It's zipped, but not all the way. Wookie has managed to shove his large, hairy head into the small opening and is pulling buried treasure out of the suitcase! AGH! Dang dog. Man, I love him.

Since getting home from teaching Tuesday night, I've been working on the instructions for my class on Friday night. Yes, it's true. Me. Writing the instructions DAYS before the deadline. I'm turning over a new leaf. Never fear, students - I'll still bring the bribe goodies that every new class gets to help you forget where I've screwed you up the first time I teach a class. Traditions must be upheld.

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