Monday, May 19, 2008

One bead, two beads...

...three beads...

Yup - it was the perfect storm today as all my bead orders arrived in one fell swoop. And we're off to the races!!! I called Mom at work to warn her I was going to be putting her to good use tonight and mysteriously she had to work late tonight at the office. Coincidence? I'll let you decide!

I'm happy to be getting on with it though. I'm teaching the next two nights, but I'll be sure and leave Mom a "to-do" list. Hey - everyone says I have to get better about delegating!! Be careful what you ask for!

Sunday was a lost day as far as productivity goes. I had some weird bug like thing going on that made me shaky and sleep all day. And then last night I had a bad fever all night long. I'm feeling better today which is good because as we all know, there's no time for malaise.

I made an all important stop at Walmart this afternoon (despite the 98 degree heat - UGH) to buy munchies to bribe myself with to work like crazy. It's a throw back from my college days. "When I read 50 pages of Madame Bovary, I'll let myself take a break and (fill in the blank.)" Except now it's "When I get all the Delicas for the Russian Leaves weighed out, I'll let myself take a break and..." usually eat something, or play Solitaire on the computer, or read my book for 15 min. or something. I hate being a procrastinator by nature, so this is one of the coping mechanisms I've come up with until they develop a pill that fixes it.

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