Monday, May 5, 2008

Gettin' on home

I'm at the airport in Phoenix, waiting on my nonstop flight (oh, THANK YOU for the nonstop flight) back home. I have to say I've been fairly impressed with Phoenix, the little that I've seen. Basically the airport and downtown. One of the things that's always driven me crazy about the Austin Convention Center is the lack of any meaningful development of entertainment for the convention attendees within immediate walking distance. Now there are a few things, sure. Most of those restaurants have been built within the last few years though, and the Convention Center's been open for what, 10? Phoenix has their act together - a whole complex of stores and restaurants in the couple of blocks around the center, and the baseball stadium is two blocks away as well. It sure made for an easy trip as a traveler. You'd be surprised at how often finding any food other than hotel food is a challenge. I hope we get to come back to Phoenix next year.

So next on the agenda when I get home this afternoon is doing the financial books on this trip, ordering a ton and a half of supplies, writing instructions for the four new classes I'm teaching this month, and getting all the kits together for back to back shows in Houston and Milwaukee. Wheeee......

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