Friday, May 16, 2008

Sock go bye bye

You won't believe this. First of all, I've been up all night with Winnie - he was heaving, trying to throw up the sock every hour or so all night and I was afraid it might get stuck in his throat and he'd choke, so I stayed up to monitor him each time. I'm on the phone with the vet's office 15 min. ago, waiting for the vet to come to the phone, and he gets up on my bed and vomits it up!! I've never been so happy to have a dog throw up on my bed in my life! And then while I'm on the phone with the vet, explaining what just happened, I walked into the living room and there's another much larger (knee) sock that he's thrown up on the floor! We had no idea he'd eaten two of them!! The only reason we knew about the one is because I saw him do it.

So the major crisis has been averted, and my pocketbook is saved. I was even going to take back my new Naot shoes I'd bought last week to help pay for the surgery.

I'm changing my sheets and then going to BED!!

1 comment:

  1. So glad Mr. Winston doesn't have to have surgery!! Hope you get some rest.