Thursday, May 15, 2008

Winnie eats a sock

Yup - I'm totally serious. The dang dog has really done it now. Winston managed to get his little mouth on one a sock in Mom's closet - now, we keep the doors shut and such things out of reach as much as we can - we know he's still chewing on anything he can find. Today alone I saved my beadwork, a pen, my bra...but he got the sock. He was in fine rebellious child mode all day. And then, as I followed him trotting down the hall to retrieve it, he ATE it. Gulp. Gone.

First we tried to get him to vomit it up, but couldn't make it happen. Then we called the vet. We're waiting overnight to see if he manages to throw it up - he's had one heaving episode that we thought might be it, but then it stopped again. But the writing is pretty much on the wall. If it's still inside by morning, he's going to need surgical intervention. The vet said that for a dog his size, his small intestine is about the width of your pinkie finger, and that sock is just not going to move through there. The blockage would end up killing him.

We're looking at around $1,000 for the surgery. Nice, huh? And of course, if we try to wait it out another day, then we're up against the weekend and that means if he needed the surgery before Monday we'd be talking an emergency clinic doing the surgery at three times the price.

Wonk. Wonk. That's my head, hitting the desk. So....if you've been holding off on purchasing any kits or patterns, now would be a great time to do it! I'll even offer a 10% discount for one week. You'll have to email me what you want and then I can send a PayPal invoice showing the discount. We'll call it the Winnie Poo Poo Head Sock discount!

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